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How to Get More Reviews on Your Google Business Profile

Get the system that makes asking for Google reviews easy with ready-made templates and a simple 5-step process.

Just an hour of your time will have lasting results for your local business.

Learning how to ask for Google reviews can help you show up first when someone in your community searches online for what you offer. 

If you…

You may have a social proof problem, and getting more positive reviews can help.

“Social proof” is digital marketing speak for “you need more positive reviews,” and the first place to build them is on Google Business Profiles.

Potential customers and search engines look to Google reviews to determine if you have the answer they’re looking for.

Many local businesses don’t give much thought to their online business profiles.

But think about how you check out a new-to-you business.

Besides learning what your friends and family think, don’t you do a quick search online?

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Imagine searching for a restaurant that’s just opened up in town. You want to check out their hours and menu options, but their phone number on Google doesn’t match the one on their Facebook page. Their hours of operation aren’t easy to find, and even the name doesn’t exactly match up.

On second thought, maybe you should stick to the tried-and-true restaurants your family knows and loves.

But imagine that same search showed you a Google profile filled with reviews from satisfied customers. They raved about the food, the service, and their repeat visits.

Now you’re excited for a great night out, right?

In the decades that the internet has been around, we’ve learned that inconsistency and lack of information = scam when you’re online.

Unfortunately, even legitimate, established businesses can look sketchy if their online business profiles are incomplete or confusing.

And if your competition’s profiles are up-to-date and packed with selling points, especially from real customers? You’ll end up losing clients before they’ve walked in the door.

A key element to building trust in today’s digital world is asking for Google reviews to establish your reputation online.

The good news is that collecting reviews can be quick and easy—especially if you already have customers who love you.

In this free one hour session, you’ll learn how to ask for Google reviews using a straightforward system so you can rank higher in search and attract the right customers for your business.

Chief Business Strategist and self-described SEO nerd, Renia Carsillo, will walk you step-by-step through what your business profiles need to get you tangible results.

Strategist Renia Carsillo will help you learn how to ask for Google reviews

She’ll answer all your questions, including…

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When is the right time to ask a customer to leave a review?

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What do I say to a customer that feels authentic and engaging to get her to want to leave a review?

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What can I automate and forget that helps me get reviews even when I or my team forgets to ask?

Plus, you’ll get a downloadable workbook to help guide you through this process-and to serve as a quick reference when you implement what you’ve learned. ​

By the end of the training, you’ll walk away with an easy-to-implement action plan that will

Save you time

by eliminating guesswork around asking for Google Reviews so you can spend more time focusing on what you love, and

Grow your customer base

with an online profile that ranks higher in search and reassures clients that you have precisely what they’re looking for.

It’s time to stop searching for clients and start showing up where they’re looking for you.

In one hour, you can learn how to ask for Google reviews, transform your online presence, and attract clients who are ready to do business with you. Are you ready?

What do past participants say about the Local Rock Star Alliance Strategy?

Dr. Donna Menezes-Enos Testimonial Headshot

Renia’s creativity and knowledge of business and marketing is a must for every business owner who has serious aspirations of being successful.

Dr. Donna Menezes-Enos

Clinic Director & Founder

Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center

Local Rockstar testimonial Jared Tanner

A great resource for managing and growing my social media and website needs. I would recommend Local Rock Star to anyone for their digital marketing needs.

Jared Tanner

Connections Manager, Century 21 Alliance Realty


I never knew how much there was to learn or what potential social media has for a company until this educational series! Renia is extremely knowledgeable on what she does and has a compelling way of instruction so that you enjoy learning. I highly recommend her!

Jessica Echterling Belardi

Traci Echols

It is rare to see someone with so much insight on how to help small business owners. If you want better results, take this program.

Tracy Echols

Who is Renia Carsillo?

Renia Carsillo, Local Business Marketing Support Coach


Creator and Chief Strategist

Renia is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Realign Consulting, and she’s spent the last dozen years helping businesses of all sizes create sustainable business solutions that align with their values.

Renia Carsillo jokes that she is physically allergic to marketing hacks and get-rich-fast growth strategies. Instead, her business philosophy combines heart-centric marketing with grounded processes and sustainable systems.

She is passionately committed to bringing the strategies that give big brands an unfair advantage to visionary leaders of micro and small businesses. She believes that values-driven founders have a unique role to play in creating a kinder, more liberated future.

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