E36: Do Better Digital: A Call to Action for Digital Influencers, Marketers, and Online Content Creators

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How can you make a kinder, more just world as a digital influencer?

You may have heard this phrase by Gary Vaynerchuck: “Marketers ruin everything.” If that statement is true, then it makes me wonder: 

If marketers are powerful enough to “ruin everything,” aren’t we also powerful enough to change things for the better?

Season Four of Small Stage, Big Impact is about sustainable courage for leaders who want to do better digital. Right now, we can tend to be active participants in the manipulation and toxic capitalism that defines the world of marketing. Even if we don’t mean to be.

What if we decided to change the habits that are ruining everything? What if we took ownership of our words and actions and created the world we want to live in? A world of equity and liberation for all people? This season we are going to explore what work needs to be done AND the courage needed to do it. 

Why courage?

I don’t think it’s news to anyone when I say that the current digital marketing world is 

  • Hyper-masculine
  • Steeped in white supremacy, and 
  • Wholly unconcerned with accessibility. 

By continuing to unquestioningly take part in this world, we are, at best, leaving out many people. At worst, we are actively suppressing them.

But this is the way it’s always been done and old habits die hard. Breaking the mold is not only difficult but also scary.

That’s why we need courage. And that’s why we are doing this together.

Why now?

I’ve put off this conversation because I like being the expert in topics I am going to speak about. On this topic, I am just another student. But 2020 has taught us that we must change to survive. If I am going to be an agent of change, I cannot continue sitting on my hands.

So this season I will play the role of facilitator while our many guests share their knowledge and experience of doing better digital. Rest assured that each speaker has been fully vetted by my team. They are in the work, doing the work, and are trained for the work. Most importantly, they’ve found success with the work.

In today’s episode, expect to:

  • Learn more about what to expect this season

  • Hear about what I learned this month during Inbound Week, and

  • Get details about our high standards for this season’s guests

Listen now! 

Episode 36 Recap

  • [6:02] How digital marketers can have an impact on the world around us, for better or for worse

  • [11:34] What the current digital world looks like and how it is harmful

  • [12:59] How this season is different from previous ones (hint: I am also a student)

  • [17:16] The examples that can be found at Inbound Week of how we can do better digital

  • [24:52] The kind of help you can expect from me this season as we learn to do better digital

  • [27:32] The types of guests we will be talking with this season and why you’ll want to hear what they have to say

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