Local Rockstar Alliance

Local business marketing support, connection, and training to make your company the go-to-choice in your town.

Stop Googling for one-size-fits-all local business marketing tips.

Join a community of like-minded founders who are building sustainability, profitability, and ease in their local businesses. Local Rockstar Alliance guides you through a simple-to-implement local business marketing and sales framework that leaves you time to enjoy your success—with a network of people to support you along the way.

Has one of these business growth traps caught you?

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You’re a little (or a lot) overwhelmed by all the tech, choices, networking groups, and coaching options available.

That’s 100% okay. You don’t need to figure this out alone anymore. After over a decade as a digital strategist, I’ve sorted through the noise and narrowed it down for you here. No more guessing, stressing, or trying expensive subscriptions that don’t work.

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Cold calling and business growth clubs have left you feeling exhausted by strangers and sleazy sales tactics.

Let’s agree to never do that stuff again, okay? I break out in hives when thinking about the ’80s hairband biz strategy of showing up cold in some poor sucker’s lobby with shoulder pads and a flyer. (#RecoveringBanker).

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You've wasted time in networking groups or trying to find referrals for people you don't really know.

I spun my wheels for years on the networking circuit, too. I did a lot of free work, supposedly “for exposure.” Which means I spent a full-time gig’s equivalent in weekly time growing everyone else’s business except my own through the power of referral-based marketing.

(Pssst…There were shoulder pads in that gig too.)

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Maybe, you've been trying the Facebook marketing thing and feel like you're on stage, talking to an empty arena.

Don’t even get me started on the post-and-pray world of social media managers, weekly 500-word blog posts, $50 content writers, and so-called bulletproof Facebook ad funnels. Trust me – if there’s a “Marketing Hack” circa 2010 to be tried, I’ve probably done it. None of them work for more than 15-seconds.

You don't need another "marketing hack" or 100,000 Instagram followers to have a profitable and sustainable local business.

The hustle can make you feel like a has-been rocker the day after a hotel-smashing bender. #It’sNotCuteAnymore

I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there. I’ve wasted money, time, and focus on gurus and gadgets. It was sort of my full-time gig from 2008 to 2013. But then something happened that changed my business forever. I learned how to own my one small stage to have a MASSIVE impact on the people I most want to serve. Since then, I’ve hit my big goals every year.

Want to learn how I did it and how you can too?

Great! Then you’re in the right place. 

Forget marketing hacks. Get real marketing help for local business in the LRS Alliance

I know what you're going through. Because I've been right where you are right now.

If you’re anything like me, you’re ready to say NO MORE. You’re ready for business help you can trust. You’re ready for sustainability and profitability that lets you sleep well every single night. 

That’s why my team and I created this community. So, let’s take a peek, shall we?

Local Rockstar Alliance

In Local Rockstar Alliance, you’ll learn how to stop searching for clients and start showing up where they are searching for you.

The content is self-paced, and you’ll learn in community with other Local Rockstars.

Local Rockstar Alliance will teach you how to…

Boost brand awareness and authority.

Do you feel like the right audience has no idea who you are? You will learn how to get famous with the RIGHT people in your local area, without sacrificing your privacy or free time.

Generate more leads from your website.

Never waste money on snake-oil sales systems or phony web companies again! You will learn to compete with the “big guys” in your area for rankings. Using the proven strategies that my clients pay five and six figures for, you’ll learn how to narrow your search strategy and get found fast.

Set up website conversion systems that work while you don’t.

Sometimes we forget, but we’re in business to have a life, not work ourselves to death. Local Rockstar Alliance will help you get your time back.

Growing your customer base doesn’t have to feel tougher than auditioning for America’s Got Talent.

You need a mic drop-worthy strategy to make your local business memorable to those who matter most: Local Influencers. The old advice to focus on your target market is as dated as that All-4-One tape melting in your attic.

You’ll find the sustainability you’ve been searching for when you…

  • Learn how to talk to the RIGHT people
  • Show up in search results for buyers ready to do business with you 
  • Build a website that converts.

With Local Rockstar Alliance, you’ll master these skills and more in a community of like-minded founders who know that the way we do our marketing matters.

Local business marketing help with Renia Carsillo

Together, we will develop your unique path to sustainable growth that gives you space to live your life.

It’s time to return to the feelings of freedom and joy that first inspired your vision. With an expert business strategist by your side, you can walk with confidence toward an impact-filled future.

Stop wasting time and money on marketing hacks that fail to deliver. Start getting sustainable results from strategies tailor-made for your business.

Local business marketing help for local search and beyond.

You’ll also get a customized roadmap that clarifies your next steps and helps you grow with confidence. This personalized framework + roadmap combo optimizes the standout qualities you bring to the table and amplifies your unique message.

• Are you ready to expand your reach to a larger audience?

• Are you ready to get results on a consistent basis?

• Are you ready to work strategically to increase profits while working less?

You don’t need a Master’s in Marketing to get sustainable results for your business.

Are you tired of trying to learn about marketing from people who don’t know how to connect to the average local business leader? 

Who expect you to understand their jargon and spend hours of your day analyzing metrics or managing revenue performance?

With Local Rockstar Alliance, you’ll get content delivered in a way that is accessible, manageable, and respectful of your time. You’re the expert in your industry. Our role is to train you in the tools you need to build your business to YOUR measure of success.

The newly updated and redesigned Local Rockstar Alliance launches in Winter of 2022.

Will you be with us?

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our newly restructured Local Rockstar Alliance. Don’t miss out! By joining the waitlist, you’ll be contacted immediately when enrollment opens to claim your spot.

The Local Rockstar Alliance is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

You’ll be led by a deeply experienced marketer

who has personally used these techniques and strategies to power the growth of 150+ local businesses…​

With a curriculum designed by trained educators

who understand how people learn most effectively, with lasting results.

We will guide you every step of the way toward clarity, growth, and sustainability for your business. Plus, you’ll be participating in a community with founders like yourself who are looking for an exchange of ideas, accountability, and mutual support.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore.

We take the guesswork out of marketing, so you can focus on guiding your business into the future.

What does it look like to participate in Local Rockstar Alliance?

As a member of the Local Rockstar Alliance community, you’ll learn how to make more money while working less—without resorting to manipulative marketing hacks.

What can you expect when you enroll in the program?

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First, you’ll work closely with a cohort of fellow founders

to lay the groundwork for your personalized sales and marketing framework. You’ll be able to ask questions and bounce ideas off of people who understand where you’re coming from and what you’re trying to accomplish. This means you’ll be able to see results faster than when you’re working in a vacuum.

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Then, you’ll move through new trainings each month

that focus on a specific topic. You’ll strategically strengthen your Local Rockstar skill set so that what you put into place now will keep paying dividends well into the future.

Local Rockstar Alliance

The Local Rockstar Alliance benefits go far beyond access to expert marketing strategy.


The community you build in Local Rockstar Alliance will give you a genuine network of like-minded community-based business leaders who you can learn from and lean on.

Direct Access

You’ll have direct access to Chief Strategist Renia Carsillo and the Realign Consulting team to get your questions answered in real-time during live community coaching calls.

30 Minutes a Day

The entire curriculum is designed to be completed on your schedule in just 30 minutes a day after you’ve established your foundation. The goal is to help you take back control of your time, not put even more demands on you.

So make the commitment now to invest in your business—and yourself—to put joy and ease back into the heart of your marketing.

It truly is possible to build sustainable growth, increase profits, and stay true to your values as an impact-driven founder. It’s the Local Rockstar way.

What do past participants say about the Local Rockstar Alliance Strategy?

Dr. Donna Menezes-Enos Testimonial Headshot

Renia’s creativity and knowledge of business and marketing is a must for every business owner who has serious aspirations of being successful.

Dr. Donna Menezes-Enos

Clinic Director & Founder

Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center

Local Rockstar testimonial Jared Tanner

A great resource for managing and growing my social media and website needs. I would recommend Local Rockstar to anyone for their digital marketing needs.

Jared Tanner

Connections Manager, Century 21 Alliance Realty


I never knew how much there was to learn or what potential social media has for a company until this educational series! Renia is extremely knowledgeable on what she does and has a compelling way of instruction so that you enjoy learning. I highly recommend her!

Jessica Echterling Belardi

Traci Echols

It is rare to see someone with so much insight on how to help small business owners. If you want better results, take this program.

Tracy Echols

Meet the Local Rockstar Alliance Team

We are a compassionate team of misfit marketers, strategists, designers, and rabble-rousers strung out all over the United States. We come from all different backgrounds and life experiences—but we are united in our commitment to empowering and equipping founders to impact their communities and the world as only they can.

Renia Carsillo, Local Business Marketing Support Coach


Creator and Chief Strategist

Renia is passionately committed to bringing the strategies that give big brands an unfair advantage to visionary leaders of micro and small businesses. She believes that values-driven founders have a unique role to play in creating a kinder, more liberated future.


Project Manager

Stephanie is passionate about using her skills as a marketer, coach, and operations jedi to guide the team and clients toward achieving their goals

Christina, Local Rock Star Copywriter at Realign Consulting



Christina believes words have power, and we have a responsibility to use them wisely to create a more inclusive, equitable world.

Our team can't wait to be in community with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend spending 2-4 hours per week on the content in the early stages. Once your foundation is established, the system is designed to work with 30 minutes per day of dedicated time for most participants.

We’ve used this program with over 150 companies, with phenomenal results. That said, it’s difficult to provide concrete numbers without looking at where your business is now. That’s why teaching you how to identify and set the right goals is an essential part of the introductory content. You’ll learn how to look at where you’re at, set realistic goals, and monitor how you’re performing. One of the concepts we follow is called “Growth-Driven Systems,” which means you’ll learn how to make small tweaks each week to help you hit your goals.

Most participants start seeing definitive results after doing the program work for 30 to 60 days. We have a formula that we will use in the program to set goals based on your current lead conversion rates with offline referrals, and you’ll learn how to tweak your systems as you go to hit those goals consistently.

In short, when our clients follow the system, they get results. Every time.

Nope. Because overwhelm is sooo 1986!

When you join the Local Rock Star Alliance Community, you will spend the first three months in community with other new members and a Realign Consulting Team Lead on the Stage Building Phase. This helps you establish your Do Better Digital™ Framework, design your intentions, and achieve clarity about your audience to better position yourself for success. We’ve found that local businesses that do this work first are much more successful than those that dive right into other content.

When you finish the foundational phase, you will join the larger community and choose a personalized learning journey that works for your unique needs.

Both! And … This course assumes that you have something to sell and a way to deliver it. If you’re still in the idea phase, we suggest waiting until you’ve established your basic product offering or service delivery process before signing up.

That said, most of our previous participants have been in business for multiple years and are looking for better systems. You’re going to work ON and IN your business in this program.

You will learn how to get steady, sustainable results in your business. However, there are ZERO one-day marketing hacks here. So, if you’re in the phase of “I need to sell something TODAY to survive,” we recommend The Middle Finger Project’s Unf*ckwithable Sales Calls mini-training. (Google it. It’s great for those who must sell something right this moment. That’s not what we do here).

Local RockStar Alliance

Are you ready to work strategically to get your time back while sustainably increasing your growth and revenue?

We’ve got a space waiting for you at Local Rockstar Alliance.

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