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We are a digital strategy agency helping women leaders create a better world, one thriving business

at a time.   

At Genevieve Digital, we Believe:

When women are the storytellers the human story changes.

Simply put, we exist to help visionary women tell their stories in a bigger, bolder, and harm-free way. We believe marketers have a unique role to play to make the world we want to see. That means it’s our responsibility to do better, one digital strategy at a time.

  • It’s time to break up with the hustle.
  • Say goodbye to the BS idea that marketing must manipulate.
  • Cut the chords of created pain to get closer to real connections.

More than ever before, business change is being driven by women (and women-identifying folks). Feminine-led brands are creating kinder companies, engaged in social responsibility, and committed to adaptable human-centered work. And, we must apply that same innovation to our marketing too.

What does it mean to DO BETTER DIGITAL™?

After a decade as a digital marketing consultant, our founder has seen it all. She’s worked on teams using manipulative conversion tactics on purpose. Renia spent time doing work with political campaigns that focus on FUD marketing (That’s fear, uncertainty, and doubt). After a few years of this, she was fed up with what we make okay to make money.

Renia knew there must be a better way to build a unique and effective online business.  So, she set out to figure out how to align values-based marketing with the data-driven SEM and Inbound solutions she’d built her career on. As Renia realigned her own digital strategy, taking responsibility for where marketers cause harm and grappling with our responsibility to be better humans, a new path was born. 

Better Digital Strategies Mean...

  • No more driving sales or hustling for leads. Break up with bro marketing. Instead, honor cycles with digital systems that are flexible, predictable, and leave space for your life.
  • Center equity and do less harm. Understand how many digital tactics marginalize people and create inclusive strategies instead.
  • Use data to understand your impact, not as a manipulation tool.
  • Refuse to add meaningless noise to the world. Instead, help your raving fans feel safe with content that is meaningful for them at the right time.
  • Make more money, in less time, while putting people first. You don’t have to choose between a thriving business and a values-led life.

Client Testimonials

"I’ve been in business for 10 years and have had at least six iterations of my website in that time. As a non-techy person, these projects were always super stressful and intense. Working with Genevieve Digital was - and I’m not exaggerating, an absolute joy. Partly due to finally getting some strategy and functionality to complement my branding (pretty websites are great, but they don’t build businesses!). Partly because the project was put together in a way that had plenty of space for my creative process and honored my schedule. But most of all, I felt so supported by the attention towards clear and transparent communication and commitment to strategies my team will be able to maintain and sustain without costing me a fortune on upkeep. I’m so happy with the outcome and highly recommend to anyone who wants a website that works as hard for your business as you do."

Founder of the Institute for EMBODIED Living and Creator of Wild Soul Movement

"When we first started working with Renia, I was frustrated with our web presence and felt confused about what to do next. Renia helped me to understand my target customer better, streamline our branding, and helped us to rank for stuff that makes sense for our business…Renia helps us a lot with our online marketing, but what matters most to me is that I feel like we are working with a true partner."

Jovan Miller-Zeller
CEO, Tree Care by Robert Miller, Inc.

Wherever you are in your business, 

we’re here for you.

Whether you’re just getting started, a veteran digital influencer, or somewhere in-between, we have tools to help you realign how you think about your growth.

Business strategy can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help make it simple.

Stop googling business marketing tips. 

Start getting the support you need to thrive

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Business Growth Strategies and More from Our Founder, Renia Carsillo

Listen to Small Stage, Big Impact for expert advice about business marketing and more from voices you don’t normally see in your podcast feed.

Our show is also available fully custom captioned here.

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Sustainable and strategic sales and marketing systems are the core of our work

We help create, implement, and optimize systems that grow with you over time.

If you’re looking to simply hit a vanity number, create a viral video, or figure out a quick hack to make a million dollars, we’re not a great fit.

At Genevieve Digital, we pair a deep understanding of buyer psychology and dynamic coaching with data-centric digital tools.

We like to say we are heart-centered and data-designed. This combination helps you integrate flexible, impactful, and sustainable marketing strategies into your business.

Our Philosophy + Values

We believe the way many companies operate is broken.

When everyone’s stressed out, anxious, and unsure of the next move, work isn’t a fun, healthy, or joyful place to be.

Our team is completely committed to these three core values...

Impact On People 

Everything we do is about people. We don’t make a hire if we can’t afford to pay fair. We don’t use manipulation as a marketing strategy (this is a #NoFUDZone). 

We won’t take on clients who are a drain on their communities. In everything we do, people come first. We seek to understand the IMPACT of our actions on others because we know good intentions are not enough.


Even the most talented people fail to produce awesome work without a system to replicate their successes. Sustainability can’t happen without good systems. We help companies implement strategies for long-term growth, not short-term hacks.

We measure our success over years, not single moments.


Wait, third?! Yes.

After a few times around the ‘ol digital trends block, we’re 100% confident that real innovation is only possible when people feel valued and systems make revenue fairly predictable. To innovate, we all need space to fail. That space is only available after we’ve created a container of success and teamwork that offers a safe place to learn, adapt, and change.

Renia standing at calendar wall holding post-it

Meet Our Founder And Creator Of The Do Better Digital™ Strategy,

Renia Carsillo

Renia is a self-described 'awkward data nerd'. She struggled for years to make real connections, despite working as a top-rated trainer for the world's largest networking organization. After years of running from the whiteboard to hide behind her phone at events, Renia began using her 'data nerd' tools to figure out how to connect in real life.

Renia's super power is pattern recognition and she's learned to lean into that strength to develop sustainability-minded marketing systems for impact-driven brands.  

Renia has worked with dozens of brands on their strategic plans, trained fortune 1000 companies on using digital tools, and designed winning SEO strategies for eight-figure ecommerce brands. She’s guilty of trying more than a few questionable marketing tactics in her past, that’s why she’s so passionate about the Do Better Digital ™ way now.

Renia is passionately committed to bringing the systems and strategies that give big brands an unfair advantage to small, womxn-led businesses. For that reason, she created the Local Rock Star Intensive and the Small Stage, Big Impact podcast where she helps business owners across the country use their small stage to create community change.

She's currently hard at work on her next book, 'Marketers Make the World: How to break up with bro marketing, do better digital, and lead in a way that feels awesome'.

When she's not working, you can find Renia on a sandy Florida hiking trail or knee-deep in compost in her backyard vegetable garden.

As seen In...

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"Renia and her team have been an integral part of our growth over the past few years. Unlike other vendors I’ve used, they stay on schedule and keep the lines of communication flowing. Another value that Renia brings is that she is quick to suggest other areas of improvement that surface... She doesn’t just stick to the scope of work... She’s always looking at how we can improve things to help our competitiveness.*"

David Visco
CEO, The 5S Store

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