Values-based digital-first brand strategy is what gets us moving in the morning.

At Genevieve Digital, we’re showing up for a realignment of marketing and its impact on the world.

we believe it’s time for digital marketing strategies to radically realign. .

  • We believe that an over-reliance on big data has dehumanized our growth strategies.
  • We believe that a fundamental misunderstanding by most companies of how to use data to build a strategy leads to chasing marketing hacks and the next big things, not long term success.
  • We believe that sustainability, flexibility, and joy belong at the center of a growth strategy, not as an afterthought.
  • We believe that mastery matters. Not just success.

If marketers make the world (and we believe they do), it’s time for us to Do Better Digital™ so we can create a better, more liberated world.

When you want to make more money and contribute to a kinder, more joyful world, we’re here for you.

Look, we’re not up for mincing words here…

Most marketing agencies suck.

Our founder, Renia Carsillo, is a veteran of the Inbound, eCommerce, and SEO world. She’s spent the past decade putting up with (and sometimes contributing to) some pretty shitty behavior. 

Marketers make excuses for manipulation, aggravation, and sometimes even outright lies every day.

In marketing, convince and convert is the finish line. And, all too often, the fallout is tremendously harmful (diet culture, anyone?).

Most marketing agencies and consultants fall into one of these 3 categories

Data-Driven Die-Hards

This group is entirely driven by widgets and numbers. They’ve largely lost the human connection within their work and instead rely on manipulation tactics like click-bait, trip wires, and pain-poking. Their results usually come at the expense of forgotten values and a total loss of authentic, kind connection.

Anecdotal Anarchists

These teams and consultants tend to leverage one or two unicorn-like successes to demand five or six-figure retainers from companies who can’t really afford them and don’t know the right questions to ask. They know how to say all the right things and produce deliverables, but whether or not what they do works is largely a coin toss.

Creative-First Fairytale Storytellers

This group is capital-A Artists. Their work is beautiful, well-crafted, and sometimes even revolutionary. Unfortunately, it can be poison disguised as medicine for small companies, because creativity and beauty are invested in much more heavily than sustainability and results, so the funding dries up, or the website is too customized to be usable for laypeople, or no one takes any action because it’s unclear what they are supposed to do. Ultimately, this group’s good intentions produce a negative impact that harms a company’s growth potential for years to come.

If you’ve ever worked with an agency or consultant that falls into one of these categories, you’ve probably felt like it was your fault that things didn’t work out. But the truth is, it’s a problem with how they look at marketing, not you or your company. 


The Do Better Digital™ way puts your values, sustainable growth, and a deep understanding of how your company serves the world at the center of your marketing.

We developed our framework for sales and marketing alignment with values and service at the forefront.  Through years of digital experience, education on how the privileged can contribute to collective liberation, and learning from mistakes, we found a path forward.

(Shout out to Dr. Tee Williams and the writings of Barbara J. Love for strongly influencing Renia’s understanding of how we each contribute to liberation in our own ways.)

About Our Framework

Our framework for building a digital strategy (sometimes, we also build tra-digital strategies that blend traditional mediums and digital ones), consists of five core pillars:

So, what do these five concepts mean?

Let’s take a closer look…

PILLAR ONE: First, Do no harm. 

You might have heard this one, attributed to Hippocrates, associated with the medical profession. We believe it is essential for marketers too.

  • Marketers make the world, and it’s often not pretty…
  • Marketers promote rape culture with advertising that uses not whole women, but our body parts, to promote everything from push-up bras to beer.
  • Marketers spread diet culture and white western supremacy with brand-after-brand messages of so-called “healthy” bodies that conform only to one tiny-white-western body type as “normal” and all others as wrong.
  • Marketers drum up fear, hatred, and resentment of people who are different from us to do everything from win elections to selling clothing.
  • Marketers prey on financial desperation and a desire for success to sell books, courses, coaching, and all manner of personal and business improvement items.

The phrase, Marketers Ruin Everything, might be a trope but it’s also painfully true.

Before we can do better, we must first commit to doing less harm. We must break our addiction to tactics, messaging, and systems that do harm.

PILLAR tWO: Begin with a person-centric strategy. 

We may lead from our own experiences, but we must market from a place of service, not hero worship. Celebrity lifestyle brands aside, the goal of a Do Better Digital™ strategy is not to create more followers. The goal is to connect on a deep level with the stories of our customers, clients, and partners so that our service becomes a tool, stop, or companion on their journey.

Those who feel comfortable being called a “guru” or “thought leader” are probably not a great fit here.

We don’t believe in what our Southern-reared founder likes to call, “Preacher Speak” branding--where the goal is to create followers. Instead, we help you deeply understand the story of your client (called personas) so you can cultivate raving fans who are both passionate about your brand and free of manipulation or toxic hero-worship.

PILLAR THREE: prioritize sustainability.

Most business leaders, particularly entrepreneurial ones, are exhausted. We go from launch-to-launch, from idea-to-idea, always chasing growth, innovation, or just enough revenue to keep up with our expanding bottom line.

Fast results, viral videos, and moment-stealing marketing hacks are the equivalent of a digital hamster wheel: You have to keep running in order to keep moving. 

Whether or not you’re going anywhere, is a whole other question.

By prioritizing foundational strategies and sustainability first, we help companies at the critical $500,000 - $5 million stage lay down customer journeys and brand loyalty that lasts over years, not just a season. We do this because we believe that real, lasting, joyful innovation happens when we know everyone around us is fed, cared for and rested.

The daily grind and constant hustle stop here.

PILLAR FOUR: Values-Driven tactics. 

We won’t lie, the other pillars are fairly easy compared to this one. And, we believe it is the key to a better future. Simply put, we don’t care if a marketing tactic works if it’s a violation of our or your company’s values.

Sometimes, we must choose what is right over what is expedient.

That means we don’t do things like pain manipulation, trip wires, artificial scarcity, fear-mongering, or some of the other harmful tactics that marketers trot out over and over with the excuse: “But it works.”

PILLAR FIVE: The Trinity principle.

Do less, but better.

That’s the basic philosophy behind the Trinity Principle, which Renia developed and tested after spending several years convincing her clients at big companies (during her agency life) to delete under-performing pages, leave big social media platforms in favor of upstarts, or invest less in dying forms of traditional media like tradeshows.

"The Trinity Principle states that: Three off-site platforms are all a company ever needs to succeed in digital marketing when chosen properly and executed well"

Renia Carsillo

We are passionate about this philosophy. Learn more about it here:

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About Our Founder, Renia Carsillo

Renia Carsillo jokes that she is physically allergic to marketing hacks and get-rich-fast growth strategies. Instead, her business philosophy combines heart-centric marketing with grounded processes and sustainable systems.

Renia has worked with dozens of brands on their strategic plans, trained fortune 1000 companies on using digital tools, and designed winning SEO/M programs for eight-figure e-commerce brands. She gained notoriety for her work with companies like BNI International and JustRite Safety Group. But she learned the hard way that satisfaction with your work doesn’t come from the size of the paycheck or the title.

Renia is passionately committed to bringing the systems and strategies that give big brands an unfair advantage to womxn-led micro and small businesses. She believes that when womxn lead, we all win. And, that marketers have a unique role to play in realigning the world with a kinder, more liberated future.

“10 years in strategy and marketing is long enough to see the ebb and flow of those who do it fast and those who do it right. Despite what you see on Instagram, the Tortoise usually wins...Even in Search.”

As seen in...

About Team Genevieve Digital

We are a compassionate team of misfit marketers, strategists, designers, and rabble-rousers strung out all over the United States. Although we all come from different backgrounds and life experiences, our team is fiercely committed to one thing: Contributing to a kinder, more liberated future for us all. 

Bri Giese headshot


Operations Manager Trainee

Bri takes delight in building relationships that center joy and mutual trust. Through vulnerability, inclusivity, and a quirky sense of humor, they aim to build bridges allowing each team member and client to uplift each other's superpowers. In their free time, you can find them making a mess in the kitchen while attempting to bake vegan sweets.

lindsey rexroad headshot


Design Specialist

Lindsey loves to dive into a juicy design, organizing content, and seeing a project through. Bright ideas and devotion to her work create beautiful results. In her spare time, Lindsey loves to relax on the beach with a novel in hand.

Christina Green headshot



Christina loves helping people discover the power their words have to impact the world. She also believes stories have the power to connect us to each other and to our shared humanity. She is always ready to geek out over the Tardis, the Impala, the Wardrobe, or Second-Breakfast.

Caroline Hull headshot


Independent Contractor + Podcast Production

Caroline is a podcasting expert who believes everyone has a unique perspective and story worth sharing. She is honored to be on the team editing and helping share messages with the world. In her spare time, you can find Caroline reading, baking and planning her next hike!

Genevieve Digital’s Mission and Values

Do Better Digital™ is the philosophy and framework we work within, and it’s in service to a bigger mission.

Genevieve Digital’s Mission and Values

Legacy Of Kindness

We put people first and only work with companies who do the same. Effective communication, family-friendly workforces, and inclusion are the hallmarks of brands we help and want to emulate. In everything we do, the team at Genevieve Digital is committed to making our communities kinder places to work.


You won’t find marketing hacks here. We believe in sustainable, systematic growth strategies that help you build the right growth into your brand over time.

Thriving In Change

The world is changing quickly. Constant education and openness to change are critical to success in this environment. We are open-hearted and open-minded about the future.

We exist in the world to amplify the work of womxn working on collective liberation

Our mission is to help visionary womxn find sustainability and connection so that their much-needed courage grows as their reach expands.

People First

Systems second

Innovations third

We believe in businesses based around community, centering the most marginalized voices, and kindness to all. We believe business has a critical role to play in remaking the world. We help values-driven, socially conscious leaders thrive because when they thrive, the communities they serve do too.

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