Co-Creative and Values-Driven Fractional CMO

Values-driven, results-minded brand strategy with deep roots in digital. 

Now exploring partnerships for a May 2024 start!

Balance the needs of today with consideration for long-term impact and sustainable growth.

Fractional CMO services should go beyond simply optimizing your latest marketing efforts. We work with your leadership to align your people, impact, and growth because that’s what builds a solid foundation for sustainable, long-term success. 

Led by veteran marketing strategist, Renia Carsillo, our fractional CMO services pair C-suite leadership with the deep expertise of a team of practitioners to bring sustainable strategic and practical support to your team.

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Our fractional CMO services require dedicated focus from our team, so we only partner with one or two companies a year.

Now exploring partnerships for a May 2024 start!

What’s It Like to Realign Your Strategy with Realign Consulting's Fractional CMO Services?

In one sentence? Less stress and more results that feel awesome.

Working with our values-driven fractional CMO services will feel very different from your past experiences.

Our process centers connection and alignment of your marketing strategy with your company’s values. Through our partnership, you will crystallize your strategic vision and create a tangible action plan for achieving your goals.

Learn how to prioritize impact without sacrificing profit with our proven three-step process:

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Realign Your People

We begin with building up your marketing team and their skills. Together, we work to ensure your messaging and strategies align with your stakeholder persona communities.

Realign Your Strategy

Next, we align your marketing strategy to a values-driven framework. We begin by identifying your 3 Core (values, beliefs, and communities). Then, we build out the other framework components based on the specific characteristics and needs of your business.

Realign Your Habits

Finally, we identify and develop the tools and systems your team needs that will allow them to do their work in a sustainable, optimized way. Our aim is an in-depth transformation that supports your long-term goals.

Our 3-step process helps you align the community, profit, and impact that feeds your business growth while centering sustainability and joy.

Think of us as the brand strategy team for kind companies.

At Realign Consulting, we combine high-level, values-driven brand development with the micro-actions required to do digital well. Our fractional CMO services take an end-to-end approach to designing a holistic plan so your work in the world is easy to understand, sustainable, and joyful.

The brand strategy company for co-creative partnerships, Realign Consulting

What is a values-driven brand strategy, and why is it different from other branding and marketing structures?

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For decades, marketing departments have operated on an “ends justify the means” mentality. This means that if it works, we use it, even if the impact isn’t in line with our values.

In today’s hyper-data-driven world, it’s easier than ever to manipulate people into buying from you. We’ve all accidentally-sort-of-on-purpose done that a time or two.

We get it—we’ve been there too. Some savvy bro-marketing brand (we’re looking at you, 20-year-old Facebook Ads Coach on Instagram) swears he can teach you how to get all the leads you ever needed in six simple steps. So, we follow his lead and set up a prospect funnel with gross-sounding tactics like a “tripwire offer” and a “squeeze page.” You might wonder why these tactics sound more like a way to collect on a bad debt than gain a raving fan. But you do it anyway because, well, it works, right?

And it might, for a while. Until an algorithm changes, a consumer base gets wise to what’s going on, or you just feel so out of alignment with your integrity that you can’t do it anymore.

Traditional marketing tactics are easy, but they aren’t sustainable in the long run. It takes a conscious—and courageous—choice to use marketing that puts people first and is guided by your company values, not just sales.

That’s where Do Better Digital™ comes in. With a proven, values-driven framework, we help you build a sustainable marketing strategy that leaves you feeling awesome.

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Our fractional CMO services help you shape a digital footprint you can be proud of.

What kind of impact do you want to make with your brand?

Co-Creative Partnership

What Do Do Better Digital™ Fractional CMO Services Look Like?

Packages are customized to fit the needs of your company and could include…

We design the marketing strategy and then work with your team to implement, optimize, and iterate. 

Our goal is sustainability, which means helping you develop the people and systems that can continue to move your business forward.

At Realign Consulting, we pair a deep understanding of buyer psychology and dynamic consulting with data-centric digital tools.

We like to say we are heart-centered and data-informed. This combination helps our fractional CMO services integrate flexible, impactful, and sustainable marketing strategies into your business.

We are passionate about results that feel awesome. But don't take our word for it. Take a look at some of our recent successful clients...

Vinnie Camenzuli, Owner of Taddeo Electric

“Renia kept us accountable to ourselves and our goals week after week throughout the year, even when we wanted to give up.

When you hire Renia, you often think you’re getting a marketing coach, but what you’re really getting is a partner, a mentor, and a counselor all rolled into one.”

Vinnie Camenzuli

Owner, Taddeo Electrical Contractors

Delali D testimonial image

“Renia and I have direct and straight conversations, which I enjoy. I leave those knowing that we are getting direct advice whether we want to hear it or not. I value that.”

Delali Dzirasa

CEO, Fearless

Meet Renia Carsillo, your Fractional CMO Service Partner and Strategist.

Renia Carsillo hates business silos and marketing hacks. So, she spends her days working with mid-size and small companies to integrate their business strategy with their impact strategy, design sustainable marketing frameworks, and find a growth cadence that works for their team and their life.

Renia Carsillo, in a teal shirt smiling at the camera

Renia believes founders are uniquely positioned to create a kinder, more equitable world. She is passionate about bringing C-level strategic support to small and mid-size companies shaping their communities every day.

"Sustainable marketing is built on a solid business strategy. A solid business strategy is built on values-driven habits. Values-driven habits are built on healed/healing leaders. We can’t do these things separately. They’re all interconnected.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is a part-time marketing executive who is typically hired on a temporary, contractual basis to oversee a company’s long-term marketing strategy. 

This kind of marketing leader is not directly involved in the production aspect of marketing. Instead, they bring a top-level perspective that can analyze gaps in people, resources, and tools and provide solutions for creating a more sustainable and effective overarching strategy.

What size company should hire a fractional CMO?

You should consider hiring a fractional CMO if you already have an in-house marketing department but can’t yet afford the hiring package for a full-time CMO.

Hiring a fractional CMO gives you access to high-level marketing expertise with a more manageable price tag. If you’re a team of double digits (or more) and feel like you’re lacking leadership and strategic vision around branding, marketing, and sales, a fractional CMO might be for you.

Why hire Realign Consulting for fractional CMO services?

When you hire Realign Consulting, you don’t just get expertise from marketing veteran and strategist Renia Carsillo. You also get secondary support from a team specializing in project management, technical SEO, and brand messaging to further enhance your marketing efforts. 

Together, our team will help you build out your strategy and your marketing team with the habits, systems, and skills needed to support your work into the future.

Unsure where to start?

At Realign Consulting, we’re dedicated to finding the unique solutions values-driven founders need to increase their impact in sustainable ways.

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