How We Use AI: Our Values-Driven Policies for Responsible AI Use in Business

Something can be two things at once, which certainly describes AI.

The recent developments in AI capabilities are both exciting and disappointing, helpful and frustrating, promising and concerning.

In short: It’s complicated. As a team, we’ve spent time weighing how we use AI in our work as an impact-focused company.

Two illustrated people talking. One sitting at a desk and one standing with a laptop.

Below, you will find our current usage guidelines and where we stand on the integration of AI into business practices.

How we use AI aligns with our 3-step process of strategy development: 


We understand the impact AI tools have on people and pace implementation based on how we can support them through the inevitable transitions.

Systems Second

We strive to create systems for evaluating, testing, and implementing an AI tool BEFORE deploying it in the company.

Innovation Third

Only then do we get to innovation, where we consider how to amplify our impact and increase profits through the use of AI.

We know AI technology will continue to evolve, as will how we use it. What will not change is our commitment to human-centered, values-driven practices that support a more equitable world.

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