Values-driven, Results-minded digital Strategy For Those who take their business very personally. 

Around here, we believe that old saying: It’s not personal, it’s business is seriously flawed. 

We’re a digital marketing consulting agency for folks who know that business is not only a place to make money, it’s a place to make a difference. If you see your company as a way to make the world a kinder place, create great jobs, AND make a great living-we’re the values-driven marketing agency for you.

What is values-driven marketing and why is it different than other development strategies?

Marketing that puts people first and is guided by your company values一not just sales一is a conscious choice. In today’s hyper-data-driven world, it’s easier than ever to manipulate people into buying from you.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably accidentally-sort-of-on-purpose done that a time or two.

We get it, we’ve been there too.

Some savvy bro-marketing brand (we’re looking at you, 20-year-old Facebook Ads Coach on Instagram) swears he can teach you how to get all the leads you ever needed in six simple steps.

So, we follow his lead and set up a prospect funnel that includes gross-sounding tactics like a “tripwire offer” and a “squeeze page”.

You might wonder why these tactics sound more like a way to collect on a bad debt than to gain a raving fan. But you do it anyway because, well, it works, right?

And it might, for a while. That is, until an algorithm changes, a consumer base gets wise to what’s going on, or you just feel so out of alignment with your integrity that you can’t do it anymore.

That’s where Do Better Digital™ comes in. 

We design custom digital strategies for conscientious companies who really mean it when they say people come first.

What’s it like to realign my strategy with Genevieve Digital?

In one sentence? Less stress, more results that feel awesome.

Working with our digital marketing consulting team is likely to feel very different from your past experiences. Our process centers connection, co-creative idea generation, and your company’s values. All new relationships begin with our proven three-step process.

This foundational process is the same for every company, whether you’re a multi-million dollar brand or a one-person shop.

Realign Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps Means:


Realign with Your People.

We begin with a buyer persona deep-dive workshop to help your team connect with your buyer’s unique stories. Then, we create custom persona documents for you to share with employees and contractors to stay connected with people-first at every angle.


Realign with Your Values-Driven


Next, we audit your existing content, collateral, and digital presence to make sure your messaging is in alignment with what you want people to know about your work.


Realign with Your Marketing Technology Solutions.

Finally, we help you to troubleshoot, streamline, and set up your tech stack to connect your tools properly and make your marketing systems work for you (instead of the other way around).


Foundational Strategy packages are quoted based on the size and breadth of your digital footprint. They are always the first step to working with our team.

Once we’ve completed your foundational realignment strategy, the team at Genevieve Digital will work with you in one of our three retainer-based relationships. Don’t worry! You don’t have to choose now. During your info call, we will help you understand which choice is best for you.

We base which package is right for you based on

  • Your current annual revenue, 
  • Size of your existing audience, and/or 
  • Goal timeline

We DO NOT guess and we DO NOT sell you things you don’t need. That’s part of our commitment to our own values一we believe marketing works best when it’s the right thing at the right time and for the right cost, and knowing that requires the context of understanding where your business is at right now.

Do Better Digital™ Marketing Coaching:

Monthly Retainer



Currently booking for August 2021, 3 spots available.

(We create the strategy and coach you/your team on implementation over time)

This is where clarity and commitment collide. Work with Renia and her team on a weekly basis to develop a strategic vision, set goals, and execute on your plans. These 90-minute weekly sessions include:

  • One 90-minute strategy sessions with Renia per month where you will work on big-picture digital goals and plan your next Sprint.
  • Two 30-minute check-in calls with Team Genevieve Digital in between your strategic sessions to troubleshoot, celebrate, and stay accountable to your sprint goals.
  • Priority email support & Voxer Access from our team to answer any questions along the way.
  • Reporting Tools that help you understand how your company is performing on its KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Quarterly Website Audit to diagnose issues and help you plan future website projects;
  • Pre-publication Content Reviews make sure your blogs, social media, emails, and other digital content are on-point with reviews from our team.

Co-Creative Digital Strategy:

Monthly Retainer

Beginning at



Currently booking for relationship kicking off in August 2021 (1 spot available)

(We design the strategy, then work with your team to implement, optimize, and iterate. That means we do some production and your team does some production alongside us.)

Packages are customized to fit the needs of your company and could include:

  • Team training and/or coaching
  • Systems design
  • Customer Journey Content Development (such as landing pages, sales pages, blog content, etc)
  • Sales Enablement Systems and Collateral Design
  • Website Optimization
  • And more. 

Fully Managed Digital Partnership:

Monthly Retainer

Beginning at 



+ Revenue Share

One Remaining Slot Available for 2021.

(We create and fully execute the strategy. You approve things and relax. We like to call this one, the easy button)

Packages are customized to fit the needs of your company and could include:

  • Team training and/or coaching
  • Systems design
  • Customer Journey Content Development (such as landing pages, sales pages, blog content, etc)
  • Sales Enablement Systems and Collateral Design
  • Website Optimization
  • Ads campaign design
  • Video production
  • Influencer Relationship Development
  • And more. 

Not ready for a long term partnership yet but still want to try out the Do Better Digital™ way? Try one of these…

Pulse Check Digital Strategy or Website Audit Calls

(Get clear on what needs to be done to turn your website into a sustainable sales system for your company)

90-minutes, $350 per session. Limit 3 sessions per person, per year.

This is where most people begin. It’s perfect for you if you’re not sure what you don’t know. Or, you simply need a getting-started road map. Book a one-time, 90-minute recorded session with Renia to help you figure out the next step from where you are right now.

Strategic Planning for Teams

Strategic Planning For Teams



+ travel

Now booking for June 2021

(2 Days with Renia, your core team, and your vision)

The game-changer! Spend two days working through your past performance, documenting systems, and future planning for the next 12-18 months.

Get serious about your vision. You’re a true pro and are serious about growth.

You already have a website that gets you a few leads. You’re making money in the offline world and have a few employees or partners. You’re tired of what everyone says you “have to do” and want someone to finally give you a simple, plain game plan for what you’re going to do. You’re afraid your choices are not quite right, so you end up doing nothing or staying on the same path that isn’t really working.

If you want a realistic understanding of what it is going to take to build and maintain your business, then you are in the right place.

Strategic planning is for you if you are ready to...

  • Develop systems that make life easier,
  • Make smart decisions based on data-driven analysis,
  • Create a plan you can execute on with focused energy,
  • Serve the people you want to serve your way,
  • Finally, have the freedom to take vacations and spend more time with your family while growing your business.

Client Testimonials

"I’ve been in business for 10 years and have had at least six iterations of my website in that time. As a non-techy person, these projects were always super stressful and intense. Working with Genevieve Digital was - and I’m not exaggerating, an absolute joy. Partly due to finally getting some strategy and functionality to complement my branding (pretty websites are great, but they don’t build businesses!). Partly because the project was put together in a way that had plenty of space for my creative process and honored my schedule. But most of all, I felt so supported by the attention towards clear and transparent communication and commitment to strategies my team will be able to maintain and sustain without costing me a fortune on upkeep. I’m so happy with the outcome and highly recommend to anyone who wants a website that works as hard for your business as you do."

Founder of the Institute for EMBODIED Living and Creator of Wild Soul Movement

"When we first started working with Renia, I was frustrated with our web presence and felt confused about what to do next. Renia helped me to understand my target customer better, streamline our branding, and helped us to rank for stuff that makes sense for our business…Renia helps us a lot with our online marketing, but what matters most to me is that I feel like we are working with a true partner."

Jovan Miller-Zeller
CEO, Tree Care by Robert Miller, Inc.

Local Rock Star Strategy - DIY Digital Marketing Training

On-demand marketing help for local businesses beginning at $97. 


How do you co-create with your clients? And what does that look like?

We start with weekly co-creative sessions during Onboarding, then shift to bi-monthly sessions after Onboarding. Here is what that looks like:

Weekly Co-Creative Sessions during Onboarding - While we're getting to know each other, we have a structured set of weekly 60ish minute sessions that help us get to know each other, brainstorm ideas, and create your foundation.

Bi-Monthly Co-Creative Sessions after onboarding - Once onboarding is complete, we move to every-other-week check-ins.

Co-Working on Big Deliverables, as-needed - Sometimes, on big deliverables, we jump into co-working sessions which makes divvying up tasks easier. These are almost always led by me, because I've occasionally been accused of being a commander.

Who handles our account and what does that look like?

I run point on our projects, but we have several other people on our team. For clarification, they are W2 employees NOT contractors, with the exception of our podcast producer. You can read more about them on our About Page. We go through an intro process with everyone on our team during onboarding to help you feel comfortable, I am always the one running your strategy. 

How do you communicate and honor work cycles?

It's something we do a lot of internally. All our team has QR docs about their process that we can share with you (and help you create) too. Also, we are actively participating in Trudi Lebron's Amplified Impact Mastermind right now to help us with some of these areas where we might have blind spots.

What does your website development or revamping entail?

If a website project is a part of our work, we help you set your website up for success using themes through WordPress. Each project is different, based on the scope of work and the retainer size. During your proposal phase, we will agree on what your project looks like and what deliverables are included.

A Note About Our Commitment to Access Points for Business Womxn at all Stages…

One of our goals, in providing multiple ways to realign your strategy with us, is to provide equitable solutions for companies of all sizes and levels of business. If you don’t see anything here that feels right for your brand but still feel strongly that you want to work with us, please fill out this form and tell us about yourself.

We’re constantly working on new models and programs to provide equitable access to our work. Our team will get in touch with you about possible solutions. While we can’t work with everyone, we are committed to finding ways to partner when it makes sense for both our team and yours.

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