E15: Brand and Messaging Management During Covid-19 (And Other Difficult Times)

Episode 15 Featured Image Messing in Difficult Times

Are you struggling with framing your brand’s message right now?

Maybe you’re asking yourself if it’s okay to promote your business, but you’re not sure how to do it.

Me too. I was feeling pretty conflicted about branding during social distancing and Covid-19. So, I reached out to my new friend, Asia Rau for help. 

Asia Rau is the founder and creative director of The Strategic Ampersand, a social media marketing, and digital strategy consulting firm based in Portland, OR. With lady-like moxie, a dash of humor, and coffee in hand, Asia works alongside a variety of clients, ranging from local shops to national brands. She advises them on their marketing strategies while helping them focus on what’s important to them, the brand, and their community.

Asia reminded me of the power of knowing our personas, intimately. She drops some serious wisdom about how to handle your branding, marketing, and communication with customers during this time.

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Episode 15 Recap

  • [4:29] The most important thing to do in this moment with your social media

  • [5:59] Why blame is a bad idea always, but especially in moments where your community is experiencing a disaster

  • [7:45] It’s not enough to say you’re helping the community. Do this too.

  • [8:33] It’s not a moment to say, Look at me. Instead, spotlight your community and how they are helping each other.

  • [10:09] The One Dirty Sock Theory and why it’s important in showing your vulnerability.

  • [12:38] Too much negativity will cost you customers right now. This is why.

  • [14:06] Pivoting from your set plan on social media right now. With thoughtfulness towards your persona.

  • [16:11] Tips for stylists, estheticians, and other in-person services while in a virtual world.

  • [17:26] Digital empathy for those still working out-of-the-home 

  • [19:30] At 5:30 pm every day, do this. Seriously, set an alarm on your phone.

  • [24:52] How certain types of posts lock people out and how to avoid that happening to you

  • [30:46] Doing a knowledge inventory to help others and yourself

  • [32:56] It’s really about your breathing. Yup, branding is about breathing. We’re sticking with that.

  • [35:24] Reality and optimism are a good coupling for all of us.

  • [38:00] Example of handling health and wellness businesses handling social distancing and why what they are doing works.

  • [40:45] Business messaging priorities and how to create them

  • [43:12] Asia and I climb on a soapbox about personas

  • [45:20] How personas increase inclusion and save your sanity

  • [51:33] Balancing between your digital and analog life in normal times and crisis times

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