E16: Are There Emergencies in Marketing? And other Beliefs About Micro-Business I’m Reevaluating Now

Episode 16 Featured Image Emergencies in Marketing

“There are no emergencies in marketing”—It’s something I used to say often and am currently reevaluating.

What I’ve discovered, as I deal with this moment, is that micro-business still matters. Even, and maybe especially, in a global emergency.

With everything going on in our world, there’s so much noise. Honestly, many previously trusted sources are not doing a great job providing us with usable information. Mainstream media tends to be more for entertainment and profit rather than help. That’s why in this episode, I am sharing a few of the podcasters and experts I’ve been turning to during this time for a more thoughtful, measured level of care.

In this episode, I touched on a lot of different topics. The most important is this:

Micro-businesses are not receiving the attention they deserve during this time. It’s up to us to bridge the gap.

I talk about the problem with the payroll loan programs and how they do little to nothing to help micro-business owners, high-risk businesses like restaurants, and gig workers.

This week, we explore coping with stress and how we all need a  little breathing space in the midst of chaos and how we can take the time to pattern correct ourselves to make decisions from a calm, grounded place.

Episode 16 Recap

  • [3:03] The paradigm shift in how we think about the world and how many of us do business

  • [4:20] Her first experiences with social distancing and seeing that play out amongst others

  • [5:37] The strategies that Renia’s family and business are using to cope with COVID-19

  • [7:41] The podcasts that Renia’s been relying on for accurate information

  • [11:28] Who needs the most support right now (and is lacking the support that they need)

  • [12:20] The problem with the payroll loans for micro-businesses

  • [18:01] What you can do to help micro-businesses during this time

  • [21:35] Why we should be demanding grant funding for micro-businesses and gig workers

  • [22:07] Essential workers in trade industries that are still out working 

  • [24:32] How moms need help right now while trying to do all of the things

  • [28:41] Renia’s experience with over and under-functioning during this stressful time and how to know if you’re doing it 

  • [34:02] How the death of an idea can bring on renewal and new life

  • [35:37] How Renia’s had to eat her words and amend the idea that there are no emergencies in marketing

  • [39:00] Why now is probably not the moment to start a new business

  • [43:10] Stopping long enough to take a deep breath 

Resources Mentioned in Episode 16

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