E17: Run Your Virtual Office Like A Boss with Stephanie Veraghen

Episode 17 Featured Image Stephanie Veraghen

How can you make remote work manageable and efficient for your company?

Something that I’ve learned is the power of hiring an online business manager. Someone who can examine your business and be a second set of eyes on your projects is essential. That’s why I brought on Stephanie Veraghen.

In this episode, you’ll hear why a project manager could be exactly what you need to solve your frustrations. Overwhelmed with systems, production, or even how team members interact with one another? She shares her advice for it all in this episode.

What an online business manager does is very different from a virtual assistant. This person can help you put systems in place for scaling your business.

Stephanie brings knowledge from years of working with all types of businesses. She dives into what a standard operating procedure (SOP) is and why you need them. 

We also talk about communication in remote teams. Stephanie shares a few of her favorite project management tools, as well. Plus she explains why project management is an essential first step to take!

As we had this conversation, it sparked new ideas of things I can work on in my own business. Listen closely, because Stephanie shares plenty of valuable tips for you.

Episode 17 Recap

  • [4:34] How Stephanie became an expert in remote work

  • [5:56] Her experience of creating structures and processes to help restaurants scale their businesses and how this shifted into digital projects

  • [7:33] Systems you should have in place to ensure things run smoothly within your business

  • [9:32] What project management is and why it’s an important first step

  • [10:30] How Stephanie helps client’s figure out which project management tool to use

  • [13:46] How Stephanie uses weekly calls to help clients rework their game plan and adjust their business

  • [16:29] Why communication is critical for remote teams

  • [19:08] What an SOP is and how to use them in your business to make things run more effectively

  • [22:36] How she helps them implement SOPs after they’ve been created

  • [23:41] What she’s seen different businesses struggle with within their project management

  • [26:38] Why a second set of eyes on you business can be helpful

  • [28:13] Stephanie’s process for working with new clients in their business

  • [30:08] What a virtual assistant is and how they differ from what Stephanie does for her clients

  • [34:40] Why you might want to consider hiring a contractor versus an employee

  • [38:32] Small things that can become a big problem if employees leave and you don’t have SOPs in place

  • [40:48] Thinking about the things in your business that can be made into templates as issues come up

  • [42:41] What Stephanie does as a business coach to help clients beyond project management

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