E19: Business Remixed with Trudi Lebron

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Why do you do business the way that you do? Are you creating the impact that you want from your work?

In today’s episode, we will be diving into how you can get your values to align with your business and most importantly, how you show up. We will explore how you can create more diversity and inclusion for people of all races, sexual orientations, and genders.  

I wanted to have someone on that is helping lead the way in this line of work. That’s why I had this conversation with Trudi Lebron. Trudi is helping companies through coaching and consulting to create social impact initiatives.

Trudi recalls her own story of someone stereotyping her based on the color of her skin and being a young mom. She felt called to bring more inclusion and diversity into the world.

She shares her own lived experiences in this episode. We dive deep into using your values as driving forces to guide you in business. Trudi and I talk about the power that comes from working with diverse teams.

We talk about how her temperament led her to this business venture. She explains how business is a vehicle that can change people’s lives.

This episode could be a catalyst for impactful change within your business. Make sure to pay close attention to all the wisdom shared by Trudi.

Episode 19 Recap

  • [3:23] Trudi’s backstory of how she got into this line of work

  • [6:43] Why she decided to major in theatre in college 

  • [9:47] What made Trudi decide to start a business 

  • [12:32] Her experience of working in a non-profit and noticing all of the inefficient systems

  • [15:54] Why you need to tell people the unglamorous side of the story

  • [18:27] Getting rid of the mentality that everything has to be perfect

  • [22:18] Why Trudi felt compelled to work within equity, inclusion, diversity through coaching and consulting

  • [25:02] Her memory of seeing how people were treated based on how they looked 

  • [25:41] Her experience of being stereotyped by a social worker

  • [27:54] How her temperament played a role in her choosing her career path

  • [30:45] Trudi’s goal for her work and the impact it will have on people

  • [31:55]  How business is a vehicle to help change people’s life and work as an extension of your values

  • [34:13] Taking the things that you believe in and linking them to behaviors, practices and policies in your business

  • [39:22] Trudi’s thoughts on how diversity in communities has changed since the 80s and 90s

  • [40:48] The benefits that come from diversity within communities

  • [45:43] Trudi’s advice for someone who is ready to do this work 

  • [48:32] Where you can start to learn more about diversity, inclusion, and equity

  • [52:12] How your intentions and your impact might not align cohesively 

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