E24: Caring for Employees During Social Distancing & A New World for Safety with Lorraine Lane

Episode 24 Featured Image Lorraine Lane

Prioritizing employee emotional safety should be at the forefront for all business leaders. Employees need to feel cared for and safe.

In this episode, I spoke with Lorraine Lane, founder of Lane Business Consulting. She discussed how leaders can care for employees during “the new normal” that we’re facing.

She explores how she became an expert in teaching others to lead. Lorraine goes over how remote working changes the way you lead and teach others to lead. 

She shares red flags to watch for to ensure employees aren’t overworked. Many employers haven’t asked their staff what they need to do their work effectively.

She talks about how leadership needs to put parameters in place to protect employees. Things like being aware that they aren’t required to respond to emails within 5 minutes.

In most lines of work, everything isn’t an emergency. Employees must be fully aware of that. 

We talk about paying close attention to the words you use when communicating. She gives insight into leading remotely when employees still have to go into work.  

Lorraine divulges so much wisdom from her career as a business consultant. If you’ve been struggling to lead your team during this time, this is the episode for you. 

Episode 24 Recap

  • [4:13] How Lorraine became an expert in teaching people how to lead

  • [8:32] How she and her team fixed the career trajectory options for individuals at her organization (and the retention rate)

  • [10:22] Why moving technical employees into management isn’t always the right decision

  • [12:57] Why backing off of leadership training and mentorship during the pandemic is a bad idea

  • [14:31] How working remotely changes the way you have to teach people to lead

  • [17:34] Red flags to be on the lookout for as a leader to safeguard your employees

  • [21:21] How we’re behind the curve in asking employees what they need to be productive

  • [23:19] Why you need to pay attention to the words you use in your communication

  • [26:47] Ground rules to have in place and the importance of giving people space to respond

  • [30:04] Why you have to identify what’s critical and what can wait 

  • [32:46] How you lead differently while employees aren’t able to work remotely and face a certain level of hazard

  • [35:04] Her thoughts on how companies can preserve company culture while working from home

  • [36:48] What leaders can do if they’re struggling under the current circumstances

  • [39:56] How you should take the time to enjoy the benefits of working from home

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