E25: Care, Part 3: How Spreading Thanks Helps Us Take Care of Ourselves and Each Other with Elena Anguita

Episode 25 Featured Image Elena Anguita

Does writing thank-you notes seem like a waste of time in today's rapidly changing world?

What if doing so could help you become more resilient and successful?

In today’s episode, we’ll hear from author and speaker, Elena Anguita, about her movement, Spread Thanks. This simple practice encourages people to spread gratitude by writing and sending daily thank-you notes. With just 10 minutes a day, you can transform your life.

Elena has personally sent a thank-you note every day for the past five years. It has taken some creativity, but Elena found that: 

“Being in a state of gratitude then attracted a reason to be grateful.” 

It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

Elena always struggled with practicing mindfulness despite knowing how beneficial it could be. By writing a thank-you note a day, she accidentally started using it! She also experiences benefits and “daily miracles” she never anticipated.

It’s no secret that we are all trying to maintain balance in unprecedented times. Often, we’re trying to care for ourselves and others while having to be physically distant from our support network.

The Spread Thanks movement provides a surprising solution. 

We may have to be socially distant, but we can still focus on building connections.

We do that by intentionally changing our perspectives.

In Episode 25, Elena states, “People are there to make your life easier.” What a life-altering perspective! Now more than ever, we should focus on what and who we have to be grateful for. 

Learn how to transform your life by spreading thanks in today’s episode.

Episode 25 Recap

  • [3:47] What the Spread Thanks movement is all about

  • [5:39] How this practice impacts your life in unexpected ways

  • [9:10] How intentional gratitude changes your perspective about life and other people

  • [16:17] How this gratitude practice is different than others and makes a bigger impact

  • [21:38] How to “inoculate” yourself against the hard things in life

  • [23:34] How to implement this practice in your daily life in just 10 minutes a day

  • [26:13] Tips on coming up with thank you note recipients and why it’s important to get creative

  • [29:26] How journaling helps you maximize the benefits of spreading thanks

  • [31:13] How intentional gratitude can help anyone practice mindfulness even when they’ve struggled to before

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