E33: Creativity Part 3: Creative Solutions Instead of Creating Worry with Danielle Rush of Red Life Living

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Are you struggling with the concept of creativity in your business pursuits?

There’s a reason that Creativity is our final section of the Summer Strategy Sessions: You need to understand how to care for yourself and cultivate courage if you want to make room for creativity in your life.

In today’s episode, we talk with my longtime friend, yoga teacher, and sometimes lifeline, Danielle Rush. Danielle is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Life & Accountability Coach, to name a few more areas of expertise. 

How does she do it? Danielle identifies as a “multi-potentialite.” She has learned that being a generalist instead of a specialist doesn’t have to be the stumbling block that our society wants to make it.

Like Danielle, I have several talents and interests that I could pull from to create a business. I have struggled over the years with how to bring all of my Big Ideas together into a cohesive whole. Can you relate? Danielle has a bit of advice for us:

“It’s not always about the outcome. It’s about the creative process.”

When we create space for creativity in our lives, we find the solutions we need to find meaning and success. 

How do we create that space? By taking care of ourselves. By slowing down that hustle. By allowing ourselves time to just play and enjoy life. 

But doing all of that takes a little bit of courage, too. We have to learn to trust ourselves and trust in the process, even when we can’t see the outcome.

When Danielle created space for her creativity to flow, she found direction for her varied interests. Her creative vision can be summed up into one objective:

“Supporting happy, healthy humans.”

From there, all of her ideas find focus. Learn how she got to this point and what you can learn from her journey in today’s episode.


Episode 33 Recap

  • [9:49] What a multi-potentialite is, and what that looks like from a business standpoint.

  • [15:40] What Danielle’s 6 M’s are for living a happy, healthy life.

  • [20:45] Why it is important to make space for play and self-care to sustain a creative life.

  • [22:45] How to see your children as motivation to be courageous in your creativity.

  • [23:46] How to use block scheduling to make time for everything you want to accomplish.

  • [29:43] Why it is important to avoid killing the things you love to do by forcing them to feed your family.

  • [34:44] The logistics behind Danielle’s creative vision and how she branded herself.

  • [40:30] Why it is important to create space for the creativity you need to find solutions in your business.

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