E34: Creativity Part 4: The Trinity Principle

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Are you ready to be more creative in your marketing?

I imagine that for many of you, one of these two thoughts is holding you back:


  1. When would I have time for that? By the time I come up with a post and copy-and-paste it to all of my platforms AND interact with the users, it’s time to come up with another post.”


  2. Being creative is too risky. I’m putting everything into one specific platform. If I take a chance on a new idea and it fails, I’ve sunk my entire marketing strategy.”


These are very real concerns that I’ve encountered with my own business ventures and with businesses I have worked with. That’s why I know the solution I present in this episode works. I have used it myself and seen its incredible impact on many other businesses over the years.

Let me introduce you to the Trinity Principle.

The Trinity Principle states that any business only needs three marketing platforms – chosen properly and executed well – to get all the business they need for sustainable growth.

In today’s episode, we talk about WHY this principle works. Among other benefits, the Trinity Principle:

  • Frees you to be creative in your marketing without sabotaging yourself

  • Enables you to do less while still growing your business

  • Protects you from an algorithm apocalypse completely destroying your marketing strategy

We also begin to discuss HOW to put this principle into action. For example, I can already tell you exactly what one of your platforms should be, no matter your product or service. You only need to decide on the other two!

Ultimately, the Trinity Principle is about giving yourself the space to find creative solutions for your business. (If you missed that discussion, be sure to listen to episode 33.) 

Listen to today’s episode to find out how the Trinity Principle is the business solution you’ve been missing.

Episode 34 Recap

  • [2:55] What the Trinity Principle is, and how it works to sustain your business

  • [5:30] Which platform is essential for your business, no matter your product or service

  • [7:12] How to avoid the algorithm apocalypse with your marketing strategy still mostly intact

  • [11:58] What you need to consider when choosing your other two platforms

  • [13:22] Why it’s a bad idea to focus on only one marketing platform if you want to build sustainability

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