E35: Summer Strategy Sessions Recap

Episode 35 Featured Image Summer Strategy Recap

Have you realigned your business strategy yet?

When I set out to do the Summer Strategy Sessions in May, I never would have guessed where this summer would take us. Fortunately, what I like to call the Three C’s of Sustainable Stewardship are designed to help us navigate rough waters. As we’ve discussed Care, Courage, and Creativity over these past few months, I hope you’ve been able to find some calmer seas for yourself and your business. 

We’ll be taking a short break as we prepare for our fall season. Why not catch up on any episodes you missed – or go back and listen to your favorite? Here are some of the highlights:

  • In episode 22 we kicked off the series by talking about the three types of caring. Taking care of ourselves, our team, and our customers is especially vital in times like these. 

  • In episode 23 we talked with Dave White about practical ways to keep our employees safe so they can feel more confident on the job. 

  • In episode 24 we spoke with Lorraine Lane about how to keep our team safe emotionally and mentally so they are equipped to handle whatever the world decides to throw our way next.

  • In episode 25 we learned about the transformative practice of actionable gratitude with Elena Anguita.

  • In episode 28 we discussed with Lori Bainum how getting to know ourselves can be the most courageous step we take for our business. 

  • In episode 29 I introduced you to the Bouncy Floor Principle and the not-super-fun but incredibly important world of risk mitigation. 

  • In episode 30 we kicked off our section on creativity by talking about how to purposefully create space in your life for the creativity your business needs to grow and flourish. 

If you’re still struggling to find direction, let me leave you with a challenge:

What are you meant to be giving the world right now?

I’m not asking you to figure out the meaning of life. I’m asking you what you have to offer, right now, where you are.

I’ve recently answered this question for myself, and the answer has both realigned and refreshed my business strategy. I can’t wait to share some changes with you over the next few months.

I’d love to hear from you!

I hope you’ve learned as much from these strategy sessions as I have. If you have a story or insight to share, please don’t hesitate to let me know! You can leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts, or you can send me an email or DM. Hearing from my listeners is part of what keeps me going. 

Enjoy today’s episode, and I look forward to returning September 24th!

Episode 35 Recap

  • [4:30] The three types of Caring to focus on during this time of physical and social pandemics

  • [6:25] How you can provide safety for your team, both in the physical and the emotional sense

  • [10:28] How active gratitude can carry you through rough times

  • [12:15] What you need to sustain courage and how the biggest act of courage is really knowing ourselves

  • [13:30] How risk mitigation strategies sustain our courage and give us space for creativity

  • [16:00] How to create space for creativity in our lives and businesses

  • [19:10] What I’ve learned about realignment and how it’s affected my business

  • [20:50] The one question I believe is vital to realigning your business strategy

  • [23:52] What realignment really means

  • [25:13] What to expect in the fall with the podcast and the new website

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