E39: Let’s Get Real About Bro Marketers, Lead Capture, and What it Really Takes to Make Six Figures in 30 Days Online with Kronda Adair

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Is your website holding you back?

In this week’s episode, we talk with web developer and digital marketer Kronda Adair about what many websites are missing when it comes to effective marketing.

It’s more than just the wrong fonts or bad pop-ups. You must approach website design and content with a full understanding of your audience. Otherwise, your website is going to come up short.

“Me-centered” marketing isn’t sustainable.

As Kronda reminds us, “Business is really about building relationships.” People buy products and services from businesses they like, know, and trust. How do you build that relationship?

Kronda gives us some concrete tips, like:

  • Avoid tiny, hard-to-read fonts,

  • Don’t put testimonials in sliders, and

  • Consider turning off pop-ups for mobile.

But we also discuss the mindset we need to #DoBetterDigital. What value are we offering our audience? Would we use these tactics if we were speaking in person? Kronda reminds us,

“Just because you’ve received bad marketing doesn’t mean you can’t give good marketing.”

When you lead with a service mentality, your audience responds – with their wallets as well as their loyalty.

Listen now.

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Episode 39 Recap

  • [8:58] How to determine if your website is working for you (or if it’s just pretty)

  • [13:06] The secret to good marketing with a compelling lead magnet

  • [19:30] How to be effective with your lead capture without being annoying

  • [26:00] Why you should avoid “me-centered” language and how to fix it

  • [33:08] Why you should be wary of “web guys” when choosing a web developer

  • [38:51] The importance of understanding who you’re selling to

  • [40:27] How to co-create with your audience with transparency and integrity

  • [49:50] The key to effective marketing that many business owners are missing

  • [56:28] What it REALLY takes to make six figures in 30 days


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