E40: What I learned by spending a year focused on Surrender (aka The Birthday Episode)

Episode 40 Featured Image Birthday Episode

What if you tossed the self-help books and focused on a single topic for an entire year?

That’s exactly what I did for this past year, and the impact on both my personal and professional lives has been phenomenal. 

Several years ago, I was introduced to Elizabeth DiAlto and the Wild Soul Movement. I have found a lot of value in her work. So last year, on my 36th birthday, I made what would turn out to be a life-altering decision.

Last year, before any of us knew what 2020 had in store for us.

I decided to take the plunge and focus on just one thing for the entire year. There is a mantra I learned in the Wild Soul Movement, and I decided to take it to heart and see where it led me:

Less Control, More Magic.

And what a wild, magical ride it has been. 

I have spent this chaotic, frustrating, and sometimes scary year focusing on surrendering and letting go. 

  • I have let go of desires for myself, 

  • I have let go of expectations for my children, and 

  • I have let go of goals for my business.

In the process, I have learned so much about myself, about my loved ones, and about the direction we should take as a company.

I learned that true surrender allows us to look at our choices and what happens to us with a fresh perspective. A perspective filled with wisdom, discernment, compassion, and love.

I realize what you’re probably thinking:

Why are we talking about surrender in a business podcast?

Like I said, it’s been a magical ride. And much of that magic has been in my business.

I surrendered my ideas of what my business needed to do and be in order to grow. I followed my heart instead of my head, and surprise! We grew. We’ve grown enough to be able to hire several new people. And we’ve matured enough to better pinpoint our place in this industry.

2021 is going to bring some big changes to Genevieve Digital. Our focus is changing. My role is changing

And each change is being made to better help YOU change the world. 

What can you expect from us this year as we continue to better serve you?

Join me in today’s episode to find out.

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Episode 40 Recap

  • [5:28] Why we’re talking about surrender and release in a business podcast

  • [14:27] How Renia’s responsibilities are changing this coming year as a result of what she’s learned

  • [17:04] How Renia has released the idea that she must achieve “expert” status in order to grow the business

  • [18:50] How Renia has let go of creating a training company and found her true direction

  • [20:02] How Renia has found connection with other women without having met them in person

  • [21:47] How Renia has stopped comparing herself to her male colleagues and learned to #DoBetterDigital in the process

  • [ 25:20] What Renia wants to challenge and encourage you to do as we head into 2021

  • [26:28] What Renia’s new focus will be for this new year

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