E46: 2021 Business Strategies: What We Learned from 2020 That We’re Taking Into the New Year

Episode 46 Featured Image Business Strategies for 2021

Have you thought about what the new normal will look like in a post-pandemic world?

Have you thought about how you can influence what that new world will look like? 

In today’s episode, I talk about what my team and I have learned in 2020, and how we’re planning to use those lessons to transform the digital world in 2021.

When this podcast was launched a year ago in December 2019, I had an idea of what I wanted 2020 to look like. 

And then we all got a year that no one could have predicted.

Out of the chaos and upheaval of this past year, we have a chance to create something better. To form a world that amplifies the voices of the marginalized. To shape a marketplace with empathy, equity, accessibility at its center.

We’ve had to realign our business strategies in 2020 to meet the moment. And we’ll be taking some of those strategies into the new year because they line up with our goal to impact the world for the better.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned this year is this:

When you take away what is easy, sometimes you’re left with what is right.

2020 has pushed us all outside of our comfort zones, personally and professionally. Hopefully, that push has helped us to see what truly matters. What’s worth holding on to. What’s worth pursuing. What’s worth giving up.

In 2021, Genevieve Digital is going to give up a few things to jump wholeheartedly into the #DoBetterDigital campaign. We’re going to focus on our people, our passions, and our promise.

Did you know that as entrepreneurs, we have made a sacred promise? 

What it is might surprise you, but I have a feeling it will inspire you to adjust your focus for the coming year.

What is this promise, and what can you expect from us in 2021? Join me in today’s episode to find out – and then let me know what impact YOU will be making this year.

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Episode 46 Recap

  • [5:30] How and why we made the shift away from focusing only on local businesses
  • [10:44] How we have learned to go deep, not wide to better spread the message of #DoBetterDigital
  • [18:00] Why we are making the shift away from coaching toward digital strategy
  • [21:12] How and why we are focusing less on doing it all and more on doing what we love
  • [26:26] The sacred duty of entrepreneurs, and how that’s affected the direction of Genevieve Digital
  • [30:42] Why we are stepping away from social media for now in order to cultivate relationships in other areas

  • [34:27] What you can expect from us in 2021

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