E47: Impactful Conversion Funnels (How to Create Ethical, Empathetic, and Impactful Customer Journeys)

Episode 47 Featured Image Impactful Funnels

Does talking about conversion funnels make you feel a little sleazy?

Many of us flinch at the idea of asking someone for money. But we know that without sales our businesses cannot survive. Traditional marketing tactics leave us feeling like we need a shower. But we aren’t sure of any other way to get the word out about what we have to offer.

What if I told you there was a different way to view funnels that honors both you and your customer?

What would happen if you stopped viewing the buyer’s journey as a funnel that squeezes customers for cash?

What if you viewed it as a leisurely walk with a friend whose life you want to make better?

How would that perspective impact your marketing approach?

In today’s episode, I walk you through how it’s possible to #DoBetterDigital with each step of the buyer’s journey. Being great at marketing and sales doesn’t have to involve questionable sales tactics. 

Being great at marketing and sales means being great at solving problems.

What problem does your audience have that you are uniquely situated to solve?

How can you ethically guide your potential client to discovering the solution you have to offer?

Join me in today’s episode to find out how to create a journey that benefits both you and your customer. Listen now!

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Episode 47 Recap

  • [7:13] The first essential step of the buyer’s journey that you can’t afford to ignore

  • [10:55] Why manipulative ads are a bad idea if you want long-term audience buy-in

  • [13:26] What must be included in your content to establish a relationship with your audience

  • [15:16] How a clear, value-driven opt-in builds trust between you and your customers

  • [19:39] Why the follow-up needs to be carefully thought out before asking your audience to take a risk

  • [21:50] A special message for healers and coaches when creating your follow-up system

  • [25:49] How the delivery method of your main offer is another chance to strengthen the relationship with your clients

  • [27:41] The crappy things digital marketers do that are not necessary for effective sales funnels

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