E51: How to Identify Bro Marketing and Find Success Without Resorting to Predatory Tactics

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When it comes to breaking up with Bro Marketing, identifying it is the first step.

How do you know if you’ve been using Bro Marketing tactics? It’s simple: if you’ve ever felt manipulative when trying to make a sale, you’ve participated in Bro Marketing.

Bro Marketing is like a bad relationship. It makes a lot of promises and even seems to deliver on them – for a while. But its tactics leave us feeling like dirt, shamed into thinking we aren’t trying hard enough. 

Ultimately, Bro Marketing is not sustainable. But how do we escape?

In Season 5 of Small Stage, Big Impact, we are going to give you the tools you need to break up with Bro Marketing for good.

Last season, we talked a lot about #DoBetterDigital. Digital marketers have shaped the world, and we have a responsibility to fix the damage we’ve done. If we can make the mess, we can clean it up.

How? With Bro Marketing’s better looking, harder working, more empathetic alternative: values-driven marketing.

Unlike Bro Marketing, values-driven marketing leads to sustainable success. Also unlike Bro Marketing, values-driven marketing requires hard work and sacrifice.

Is it worth it? With over a decade of experience backing me up, I can answer confidently: Yes!

I’m not offering a quick-fix solution. Values-driven marketing is not a prescription – it’s a practice. But with each episode, I’ll share with you proven practices that will lead to the type of success you can be proud of. 

You may find that you’ve already been incorporating the values-driven mentality in your marketing practices. To help you determine where you are on your values-driven marketing journey, we’ve created a downloadable quiz. Use it to take notes, do some journaling, or help you focus on where you want to go.

Download the Checklist for Evaluating Your Business here.

And if it turns out you’re more entrenched in Bro Marketing than you thought you were, don’t worry. As Dr. Maya Angelou so famously said,

          “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when
          you know better, do better.”

Are you ready to know how to #DoBetterDigital and make an impact you can be proud of?

Listen to episode 51 now!

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Episode 51 Recap

  • [5:15] How marketers really do have the power (and responsibility) to shape the world

  • [13:26] The lesson we can learn from Facebook about the impact we have as marketers

  • {16:00] One of Renia’s few hard rules for values-driven marketing and why it’s so important

  • [17:47] The difference between sales and marketing and why it matters

  • [19:22] What you can expect to learn during Season 5 of SSBI

  • [21:58] Renia’s personal story and how she knows values-driven marketing is worth the work

  • [31:12] How to get the most from this journey to learn how to #DoBetterDigital

  • [35:30] How to know where you are on your values-driven marketing journey

  • [43:26] What is Bro Marketing?

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