E54: Blogging in 2021 (And Beyond): Ditch the Live Journal Vibe and Do This Instead

Episode 54 Featured Image Blogging in 2021

When it comes to building a blog, creating content is only the first step. You also have to make that content accessible.

Values-driven marketing is about putting people first. You’ve worked hard to create blog posts that provide value for your audience. But your job isn’t done. Your digital strategy must consider two questions: 

How will your audience find your blog? 

How will your audience consume your content?

Blogs that keep these two concerns in mind can be greatly beneficial to a marketing strategy. Done right, blogs can 

  • Improve your search rankings,

  • Drive traffic to your site, and 

  • Grow your email list. 

There is a lot of noise out there in the digital space. In the last episode, I explained why the most effective marketing strategy puts copy first. But that doesn’t mean mindlessly adding to the noise. A values-driven, copy-first digital strategy means being intentional with every word your brand puts out.

In today’s episode, I give you 5 steps that will make your blog stand out above the rest and keep your audience coming back for more.

These 5 steps are the exact steps our copywriters and formatters use for every piece of content we create. Generally speaking, we

  • Employ keywords in strategic places so that the intended audience can find what they’re looking for,

  • Use carefully chosen “power words” to get our audience’s attention without being manipulative, and

  • Structure our content a particular way so that even when people are in a hurry, they can still get value from what we’ve created.

We’ll go over the “why’s” and “how’s” of exactly what to do in today’s episode. Be sure to download our free Copy and Formatting Checklist, because there’s a lot to remember. We refer to this checklist with every piece we create to ensure we remain consistent and use best practices. 

Are you ready to transform your blog posts to make them work for you?

Listen to episode 54 now!

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Episode 54 Recap

  • [3:03] Why blogs still matter in the video world of 2021

  • [6:06] Why being intentional with your headline is a vital step to creating a blog that works for you

  • [11:54] What Power Words are and how to use them to increase traffic to your site

  • [23:53] How to write a meta description that will  increase your click-through rate

  • [25:18] Tips for creating people-friendly content that your audience will engage with

  • [30:44] Tips for creating SEO-friendly content that will improve your site’s rankings on search engines

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