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E55: CTAs That Work: Avoid the Ick Factor And Empower Your Audience to Take Action


When it comes to building a blog, creating content is only the first step. You also have to make that content accessible.


The reality of marketing is that, ultimately, you are asking people to give you money. (Sometimes their time, or a positive review, but usually it’s money.)


The reality of running a business is that you need money to operate. As I’ve talked about before, sales cures everything when it comes to accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business.


But it’s not uncommon for marketers to balk when it comes time to ask potential clients to take action. It seems easier to allude to what we want rather than risk seeming scammy and underhanded.


In values-driven marketing, crafting compelling CTAs doesn’t have to be difficult. In today’s episode, we talk about how to change your perspective when it comes to making that call to action.


View CTAs as empowering your audience to take action to improve their lives – because that’s exactly what you’re doing.


As a values-driven marketer, you’ve already created goods, services, or content that will help your audience in some way. Now it’s your job to encourage them to do what they need to do to access those things.


Maybe it’s giving you money.

Maybe it’s downloading an ebook.

Maybe it’s listening to your podcast.

But here’s the thing: They won’t know what to do until you ask.


It’s a general rule that objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Potential clients, especially those who are new to us, can seem incredibly hard to reach without resorting to underhanded tactics. Even persuading them to share their email can seem like a Herculean task.


In this episode, I will give you specific steps for creating effective, values-driven CTAs that move your audience to action.


And of course, we have a checklist to help you remember all the little details and stay consistent in your practices. You can download your Landing Page Scorecard here.


Are you ready to revolutionize your marketing strategy with CTAs that inspire without manipulation?


Listen to episode 55 now!


In episode 55 of Small Stage, Big Impact we discuss:


  • [4:40] What a CTA is and why it doesn’t have to be manipulative to be effective
  • [7:34] The two types of CTAs and where CTAs show up in the digital world
  • [10:37] Why clarity is the most important part of writing an effective CTA
  • [14:15] How to avoid a disconnect between the CTA and the landing page so you don’t lose clients
  • [16:38] The importance of making “small asks” with your CTAs that build trust over time
  • [22:09] How “Content Bingo” can help you create and manage more effective CTAs



Resources mentioned by Renia in the episode:



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