E60: Struggling to Scale to 7-figures? Let’s Assess Your Mess Together

Episode 60 Featured Image Scale Your Business

Has running a business taken over your life?

You’re making good money and have no shortage of clients. You’re feeling pretty successful with this business that you’ve built from the ground up.

But you feel that if you blink too long it will start to crumble. Taking a day off is out of the question.

You know you need to take your business to the next level, but you’re not sure how to get there.

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss what’s keeping you from growing your lifestyle brand into a full-blown business that you can lead while still having a life.

When you realize that making money was the easy part…

When the thing you thought would give you freedom leaves you in chains…

When you’ve bought all the courses and watched all the videos and still have no life outside of work…

It’s time to assess your mess and figure out how to go from the Head Doer to the Leader of People.

I’ve been working with my long-time friend and project managing guru Stephanie Veraghen to bring you the Assess Your Mess quiz. 

The purpose of this quiz is to help you pinpoint your next steps: 

Do you need to put a project management platform in place?

Do you need to spend time developing personas and brand guidelines?

Do you need to better understand how your marketing and sales decisions affect the rest of your company?

What specific action can you take right now to turn your business mess into magic?

Join me in today’s episode to learn more about what it takes to scale your business to 7-figures in a sustainable, values-driven way.

You’ve done the work to lay a firm foundation for your business. Now it’s time to add the logistical framework that will allow you to scale into a company that finally gives you the personal freedom you’ve been searching for.

Listen to episode 60 now!

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Episode 60 Recap

  • [5:18] The key step all businesses must take to scale 7-figures

  • [11:46] What business owners should NOT do when trying to grow their business beyond themselves

  • [17:13] What the Assess Your Mess quiz assesses and how it can guide you toward your next steps

  • [19:38] Why defining your purpose at this level is more essential than it was as a start-up

  • [26:04] A common misunderstanding about the role of a CEO at different stages of a business

  • [32:55] The importance of understanding how your marketing and sales decisions affect the rest of your company

  • [39:05] What referrals can tell you about the sustainability of your business

  • [42:35] How the Assess Your Mess quiz results can help you figure out your next steps in sustainably scaling your business

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