E7: Managing Your Energy & Mojo with Lori Bainum – Part 2

Episode 7 Featured Image Lori Bainum Part 2

In this episode, I continue my conversation with Lori Bainum as we really evaluate self care and purpose.

You’ll learn how to develop a personal practice that will make you feel better as a person, give positive energy to those around you, lead from a place of vulnerability and embrace failure…whew!

Get ready for some deep discussion that will tackle personal development to improve your business performance and your team dynamics. Open up that journal and let’s get started!

Need to hear that piece of truth again? Listen to episode 7 now.

Episode 7 Recap

  • [3:48] Your Soul’s Calling will help define how much time you need for self-care. It’s not selfish because you can share good energy with those around you when you have a healthy practice.


  • [11:58] How to be vulnerable in the workplace. Vulnerability is the #1 trait in leadership and is a characteristic of high functioning teams.


  • [17:32] Failure is good. Find happiness and satisfaction along the journey, not just at the goals.


  • [27:13] How do you know if you know who you are?


  • [32:50] Allowing others’ impressions of you to define your truth is living without feeling

  • [41:42] Don’t chase Nirvana, don’t chase ego. Allow the brain and mind to engage in good meditation.

  • [47:54] A challenge to find the good in everyone.

  • [54:25] Steps to start…

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