What's your brand archetype?

Discover how to generate the business you want with the communities you want with our Brand Archetype Quiz.

Discovering where you are now can tell you how to get where you want to go.

What if you had a special compass to guide you to the path that is perfect for where you are right now?

That’s what it’s like to understand your personal business owner style and the local business support you need.

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Are you great at forming deep connections with your audience, but struggle with overcommitment?

Don’t suppress that energy—use it. Your talent for building connections is the foundation you need to grow your customer base. The key to sustainability is to focus on what brings you joy.

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Or maybe you’ve been around a while with an established product or service, but you aren’t sure how to adapt to new ways of attracting customers.

Your experience still matters. The sales and marketing skills you’ve worked so hard to develop still apply in today’s world. Now, they need to be put to use in the digital space as well as in-person.

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Perhaps growth isn’t an issue for you, but handling your growth in a sustainable way is (to avoid becoming a one-hit wonder).

Your business support needs to allow you to let go of the “doing” and reprioritize the role only you can do—lead. With the right tools, you can streamline your business systems to make more money while working less and focusing on what you love.

When you know your owner archetype, you can pinpoint the local business support that’s right for you.

Searching for local business support that fits your needs can be exhausting, frustrating, and confusing.

What seems to work for other local businesses doesn’t give you the same results.

And simply choosing something and seeing what works wastes precious resources.

With our free 5-minute quiz, you’ll finally get the direction you’ve been looking for.

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Move forward with clarity and confidence.

Our Owner Archetype Quiz can help you define the most effective local business support for you.

You need business solutions that support the unique way you generate leads and sales.

After over a decade of helping founders like you develop sustainable business practices, I’ve seen a variety of leadership styles.

Each type of owner has something special to bring to the table, and they’re each highly effective in their own way. 

local business support for the way you generate business

Generating more business doesn’t have to be pull-your-hair-out-frustrating or too-tired-to-move exhausting.

Take a moment to imagine...

Finding systems that work even when you’re not, giving you space to enjoy the perks of business ownership.

Implementing routines for day-to-day operations that free you to focus on the leadership role only you can fill.

Quickly sifting through the tips and offers that flood your inbox because you’re confident in the next steps you need to take.

When you tap into your innate leadership style, you can be more discerning about the local business support, tools, and systems you choose for your business.

With the Owner Archetype Quiz, you’ll discover your unique approach to generating business—and what to do next.

What's your owner archetype?

The Fully Booked Cover Band

You have the growth part of the business covered. But you need tools that will sustainably support that growth well into the future while giving you room to breathe.

The Fully Booked Cover Band Archetype
The Indie Artist Archetype finds local business support

The Indie Artist

You are a visionary beloved by your fans but are looking to expand your team and your business. You feel like you still have a greater impact to make as a founder.

The Solo Act

You’re happy being a one-person show, and you’re not looking to put together a band. But you are searching for a way to create space for the lifestyle you want without giving up your autonomy as a founder.

The Solo Act Archetype local business support
The Crossover Sensation Quiz Archetype

The Crossover Sensation

You’re a natural idea generator who needs strategies that will help you develop your ideas to their fullest potential but still allow you room to play.

The Jukebox Hero

You’ve been successful in the past, and you’re looking for ways to leverage your strengths to continue to reach today’s customers without sacrificing what got you here.

Local Business Support for the Jukebox Hero

Each owner archetype has what it takes to become the Local Rockstar—the default in your industry for your community.

With the right tools to support your personal style, you can reach Local Rockstar status with sustainability and joy.

local business support for your leadership style

The first step is to understand your personal style and where your business is right now.

Then, you can build on your business-generating strengths and determine what tools you need to support your growth.

Meet Renia Carsillo, the creator of the Owner Archetype Quiz.

Renia Carsillo is the founder of business strategy firm Realign Consulting and the Chief Strategist behind Local Rockstar Alliance. This first-of-its-kind community provides local founders with marketing support, connection, and training to build ease into their local business.

Renia Carsillo, Local Business Marketing Support Coach

Renia has spent the last dozen years leading digital teams and has a deep technical SEO and sales leadership background. She is passionately committed to bringing the strategies that give big brands an unfair advantage to visionary leaders of micro and small businesses. She believes that values-driven founders have a unique role to play in creating a kinder, more liberated future.

Are you ready for local business support that can pinpoint what you need to grow and find success on your terms?

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