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Introducing the Get Your Shit Together Intensive

  • This isn't a coaching program. It's a come in and do the work with us program.
  • This isn't a mastermind. It's a bring-your-shovel and commit to the labor intensive.
  • This isn't a rehashing the past healing session. It's a "this will no longer be my story" decisive action.
  • This isn't apologizing for who you are time. It's learning to stand in your full-ass power to get your shit handled revolution.
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  • When you're ready to give up the stink and the mess, this is the place to be. Come January, over-leveraged will be a thing of the past.
  • This 6-month hands-on immersion is for womxn-led 6 and early 7-figure entrepreneurial badasses who are tired of sweating it out and are ready to do the work of becoming the queens of their empire.

When your lifestyle business has become your whole lifeIt's time for a GYST intervention.

This 6-month, hands-on immersion is for when you realize that duct tape marketing and explosive growth are leaving you sweating and stressed out. Get your shit together, we'll show you how.

We're opening applications on  June 24, 2021.


You missed out!

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While you wait for the next cohort, we’ll help you begin to find a better way with weekly shit-clearing techniques we’ve learned over our work with stressed-out visionaries just like you.

These quick tips and easy-to-implement ideas will bring a bit of the GYST magic to your inbox while you wait.

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